A century of brewing!

Brand's History

Pelforth comes from the north of France, and took its influences on English tendencies. The brand always puts forward the very good quality and the originality of the beer.

In 1921, Louis Boucquey, Armand Deflandre and Raoul Bonduel created the Pélican brewery. In 1933, they raised an important production that increased continually, in doing so the brewers innovated with their first test of Pélican beer. In 1935, the son of Jean Deflandre managed to put together two mated barleys and used top-fermentation with English yeast, in order to create a groundbreaking beer : the brown beer. The innovation was very trendy in those days, and Jean Deflandre kept his promise by developing, in 1937,  a new 6% alcohol brown bottom fermentation beer, and its name was : PELFORTH 43. 

In this time, the major part of the beer in the market was blond beer. 43Kilograms was the barley quantity that was necessary to brew an hectolitre of Pelforth. 43 is  also a reminder of the 43rd light infantry regiment, one of the greatest prides of Lille. In 1988, Pelforth joined the HEINEKEN group. In 2003, amber Pelforth was launched and completed the range with the blond and the brown beer.

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